otrdiena, 2012. gada 18. septembris

Memories from childhood.

First, I wanna say HUGE sorry for not posting some weeks! I had busy sxhool year start and my own laptop broke. :( But anyway I have many pictures to post here this week, so today I show some!
These pictures is a bit more than week old from day when I was in small zoo, yes zoo, I wanted be there, because last time I was there almost 6 years ago and when I was small this was one of my favorite places. It's always great remember old, good childhood, when everyone was small! :D
My comfortable outfit:
Jacket- New yorker
Shirt- New yorker
Jeans- New yorker
Sneakers- Nike
Have a colourful and great week everyone! :)

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    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  2. We go MIA for weeks too! And its totally cool! We understand how difficult it is to juggle things! BTW love your denim shirt paired with the mint tee! We too have our favorite zoo place that we used to visit when we were kids but never got around doing so now! Anyways enjoy blogging and don't apologize! :)


  3. Thanks!!! sure! I'm already following you ;)


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